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The Speed Gamers Mother/Earthbound Marathon

2009-04-11 18:36:57 by KeymasterPL

Starting on May 15th @ 6pm CST and lasting for 72 hours, The Speed Gamers will play through Mother 1, Mother 2 (Earthbound), & Mother 3 live on webcam while raising money for Susan G. Komen (Breast Cancer).

Unlike last year, there will not be a siege on NOA. Our focus will be on the charity.

During the marathon we will be compiling Susan G Komen/Mother themed fan art to create a booklet that will be available to everyone as a PDF on our website. There will be a limited number of physical copies made and given away as prizes.

Many rumors are floating around about ChuggaConroy taking part in the marathon. Well, cats out of the bag, Chugga will in fact be playing Mother 2(Earthbound).

If we finish the series before the 72 hours expire, which is expected, we will play through Mother 2 (Earthbound) again.
Several Mother/Earthbound themed prizes will be given away, so be sure to tune in.

If you are not familiar with the way we do our marathons, here's a brief description. A live video feed can be seen here on our website,, with commentary complementing the gameplay and spurring on donations. A chat will accompany the video so you communicate with us and our other viewers.

Ustream page where this will take place: gamers

The Speed Gamers Mother/Earthbound Marathon


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